Michael Mann


Michael Mann


Michael Mann is a leading American climatologist and professor at Penn State. He is perhaps best known for his creation of the ‘Hockey-Stick graph’, which shows earth’s temperatures remaining stable for a millennium then dramatically rising in the past century. This graph was used in several of the IPCC’s assessment reports, but after it was shown to be unreliable it was not included in the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report. Mann himself has been a lead author of some IPCC work, and is recognized as a major scientific contributor to the theory of man-made climate change. He also is a co-founder of, a website run by climate scientists which supports the man-made climate change theory. Recently Mann has been under investigation at Penn State for his involvement in the climate-gate scandal. It has also been revealed that Mann has received hundreds of thousands of dollars for his work on climate change from the stimulus package passed in 2009.


  • “I cannot condone some things that colleagues of mine wrote or requested in the e-mails recently stolen from a climate research unit at a British university. But the messages do not undermine the scientific case that human-caused climate change is real.” – Source
  • Scientific evidence for the reality of human-caused climate change includes independently replicated data documenting the extent of warming; unprecedented melting of glaciers; rises in global sea levels; increasingly widespread continental drought; and models that predict all of these things but only when human impacts are included. Those same models project far more profound and potentially damaging impacts of climate change if we do not take action to stabilize greenhouse gas levels.” – Source
  • The scientific consensus regarding human-caused climate change is based on decades of work by thousands of scientists around the world. The National Academy of Sciences has concluded that the scientific case is clear. As world leaders work in Copenhagen to try to combat this problem, some critics are seeking to cloud the debate and confuse the public.” Source


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  1. Michael Potts

    January 30, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    Cool site – i’ve often thought this is exactly the kind of site that is sorely needed. Keep up the good work guys!


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