John Kerry



John Kerry is the senior Senator from Massachusetts. In recent years he has become one of the most active Senators on the issue of climate change. He is the co-sponsor of several bills addressing climate change. He is currently attempting to get a Senate version of the House cap-and-trade bill to pass, with difficulty.


  • "Climate change is not governed by a recession, it’s governed by scientific facts about what’s happening to Earth. And you either accept the realities of the science or you don’t" Source

  • "Scientists tell us we have a 10-year window — if even that — before catastrophic climate change becomes inevitable and irreversible. The threat is real, and time is not on our side."

  • "The truth is that the threat we face is not an abstract concern for the future. It is already upon us and its effects are being felt worldwide, right now. Scientists project that the Arctic will be ice- free in the summer of 2013. Not in 2050, but four years from now."

  • "Nowhere is the connection between climate and security more direct than in South Asia — home to al Qaeda. Scientists now warn that the Himalayan glaciers which supply fresh water to a billion people in the region could disappear completely by 2035."

  • "The decisions we make in coming months will determine whether we meet this challenge head-on and prevail or if we are to suffer the worst consequences of a warming planet. This time we have to connect the dots before we face catastrophe." Source





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