Hillary Clinton


Hillary at Copenhagen

Hillary at Copenhagen


Hillary Clinton is the former First Lady, United States Senator ‘from’ New York, and the current Secretary of State. She also was a Democratic candidate for President in 2008. As Senator, she co-sponsored climate change legislation. As a President candidate, she repeated campaigned on the promise to take action on climate change. As the Secretary of State, she visited and made a speech at the Copenhagen Summit addressing climate change.


  • Our planet is warming, with potentially cataclysmic results: The scientific community has established beyond doubt that global warming is occurring; the 20th century’s last two decades were the hottest in 400 years. The IPCC has further predicted that the average temperature will rise by three to nine degrees by the end of the century, and as a result sea levels will rise between 7 and 23 inches, dramatically affecting the one hundred million people who live within 3 feet of the mean sea level. Security experts believe that these impacts will pose a serious national security threat by increasing instability in some of the world’s most volatile regions.” – From Hillary’s climate and energy plan on the campaign
  • “We have so changed the atmosphere that is has a kind of ripple effect. So it’s sort of like, yes there are natural reasons why the climate might get warmer, but we’ve put so much CO2 into the atmosphere that it changes the natural forces…”
  • We know we’ve got to deal with global warming, we’re seeing the effects of it. You know diseases are moving north from the tropics that we never saw before.”
  • “How can we say everything is fine when we have an energy policy whose prices are too high, who make us dependent on foreign governments that do not wish us well, and when we face the real threat of climate change, which is tinkering with God’s creation?





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