Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders is an Independent Senator from Vermont. He is a self-described socialist, and has pushed hard for climate change legislation. He introduced S.309 – Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act, a bill which would have mandated greenhouse gas emission cuts.


  • Scientists now tell us that the crisis of global warming is even worse than their earlier projections. Daily front-page headlines of environmental disasters give an inkling of what we can expect in the future, multiplied many times over: droughts, floods, severe weather disturbances, loss of drinking water and farmland and conflicts over declining natural resources.”Source
  • As the nation at last confronts global warming, it is no time for denial, greed, cynicism or pessimism. It is a time for vision and international leadership. It is a time for transforming our energy system from the polluting and carbon-emitting technologies of the nineteenth century into the unlimited and extraordinary energy possibilities of the twenty-first. When we do that we will not only solve the global warming crisis; we will open up unimaginable opportunities for improving life all over the planet.”Source
  • “…we can’t ignore the crisis in global warming. My friends come to the floor and say ‘well the scientific evidence is not clear’. That’s not true. Virtually every leading scientist who knows something about the issue including the IPCC has said with one hundred percent certainty that global warming is a reality. In fact what they have told us is, that the situation is more dire than they had previously predicted.
  • “The bad news is that if we do not get a handle on this crisis we’re going to be looking at increased flooding, a loss of clean drinking water, a decline in food production, and an increase in human disease among many other concerns. We are going to be looking at the loss of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. That’s the bad news.




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