Barbara Boxer


Sen. Boxer is a Senator from California, and has been one of the central figures in the Senate tackling climate change. She became chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in 2007 and has held several hearings to focus attention on climate change. She has also co-sponsored several bills addressing climate change.


  • "We know what is happening– the science is clear: The planet is getting warmer because humans are releasing too much carbon pollution into the atmosphere. If we fail to take action on global warming now, we can expect future catastrophic impacts like rising sea levels, more extreme weather events of all kinds, damage to coral reefs and fisheries, and negative impacts on food production and water supplies. We need to act soon, before we reach a tipping point when irreversible changes to the world we know may occur." Source

  • "This is the challenge of our generation, and we have to take care of global warming. We know very clearly that the window is closing fast on us and we have to act." Source


Watch her opening remarks in both videos below:



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