Ed Begley Jr.



Ed Begley Jr. is a television actor and environmental activist. Known as ‘Hollywood’s greenest man’, he currently is the star of the reality show Living with Ed, which focuses on his attempt to live a green life with his wife. On his show he is famous for creating the lowest possible carbon footprint, including using a generator bicycle to toast bread. He is also famous for a recent verbal sparring match with Stuart Varney on Fox News over the climategate incident, which Begley insists didn’t affect the ‘peer-reviewed’ studies.


  • “The key thing is, it’s called peer-reviewed science, and the people who are actually climatologist write about that, and they all are in consensus. The people who are not climatologist are of the opinion that it isn’t happening.”
  • “…there is a problem when you see the amount of ice that’s melting in the Arctic circle, Greenland, the ice is leaving that landmass…the snows of Kilimanjaro are receeding, you go to Glacier National Park, you go to Alaska, as I have, and there is something happening there.”
  • I think the science is very clear in global warming….the science is in!” [He then repeats ‘peer-reviewed studies eight times in two minutes]





One response to “Ed Begley Jr.

  1. john

    January 25, 2010 at 6:00 am

    I like you Ed, and conserving is good, but you bought in to this hysteria and you look like a loon.

    You’re not a scientist, you are an enthusiast. The science was not peer reviewed and the peer review gatekeepers were cheating for warming, and censoring and intimidating skeptical science papers. That’s not science that’s fascism.

    Why so Socialist Ed?



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