Epic Romm Romp

23 Apr

On April fools I posted an article entitled “Joe Romm posts accurate article; makes reasonable claims about climate change“.

It was a spoof on Romm’s vitriolic blog Climate Progress. I introduced a new term in that post: The Romm Romp.

This term is loosely based on the Gish Gallop, which climate skeptics are often accused of employing. The Gish Gallop is a rhetorical technique where you spout off so many “facts” about an issue that your opponent simply cannot respond to all of them.

The Romm Romp is different. It consists of citing yourself repeatedly within the same publication. An unwitting observer might look at all the links within a post and assume that the author has multiple sources for his claims, but in reality he is only citing himself multiple times.

I gave a few examples in my April fools post, but I have the ultimate example of the Romm Romp today. It comes in an April 23’rd post on Climate Progress entitled “What mistakes did the environmental community and progressive politicians make in the climate bill fight: And how do you apportion blame among all parties?

In this relatively short post, Romm manages to include nine links to his own site. He links to no other site at all. Take a look:

Impressive! All in all, the post is 474 words, 104 of which were links. That’s more than 1/5.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that someone who is as prolific as Romm would choose to highlight his own work. People can’t sit at their computers all day long, and since Romm posts about 7 articles every day it only makes sense that he would need to link back to some past articles, just to make sure people have a chance to read them all.

I’ll say this about Romm. Few people have such belief in their own work that their sole source of information is themselves. That’s confidence!

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