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How the UN Manipulates the Media and the Public on Biodiversity, Part 2

Yesterday I noted how the UN is trained media how to report on biodiversity, among other things. Today I’m going to look at their public relations campaign, called CEPA. There is some incredible stuff in here.

CEPA tactics

Here is perhaps the most interesting part of what the UN is doing regarding biodiversity. This document explains everything:

Article 6 of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) calls on Parties to prepare National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) as the primary vehicle for implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity at the national level. Many countries have prepared their NBSAPs but still need to implement them or to successfully mainstream biodiversity conservation in the work of other sectors.

Parties have the challenge of developing effective communication education and public awareness (CEPA) strategies to implement the NBSAP and to stimulate and engage people to conserve biodiversity and to sustainably use natural resources.

In otherwords, the NBSAPs are the legislation regarding biodiversity which the nation has either passed, or is trying to pass. In order to over-come the challenge of developing effective communication to the public, this document was written. It explains how governments can take certain steps to educate the public about the biodiversity problem and their solutions. It is a fascinating read.

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How the UN Manipulates the Media and the Public on Biodiversity, Part 1

I’m going to expose what I consider to be a direct attempt by the United Nations to manipulate the media and the public into acting on the ‘biodiversity crisis’. Before I do that, I feel compelled to say at least one good thing about the UN. They are very open with their documentation. All the documents I reference in this article were taken directly from their website here, or from websites which are linked within those documents. They aren’t making an attempt to hide the following.

You may have heard in the news recently that there is a biodiversity meeting taking place right now in Japan. It is called the The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), here is their website. The UN seems to be pushing biodiversity much more this year than ever before (this is the International Year of Biodiversity), so I decided to go through the documents released at the convention and see what they are talking about. Here is what I have found: Read the rest of this entry »


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Your Navigator Drowns Bangladeshis

I like to read opposing viewpoints on climate change, it ensures that I understand what both sides are thinking about a given issue. Today I read an article entitled “Hot Mess: Why are conservatives so radical about the climate?” by Bill McKibben on The New Republic. I wouldn’t normally mention such an article, but the author made a claim so absurd (and revealing) I felt like sharing.

McKibben makes quite a few errors in his article, but the most egregious occurs when he mentions that CO2 is everybody’s problem. He says:

But here’s the thing: Carbon dioxide mixes easily and freely in the atmosphere. If the climate change you caused followed you around like Pigpen’s cloud, then no problem. But it doesn’t—your Navigator drowns Bangladeshis.

I was speechless after reading that. This is the man that founded; he is a central leader in the climate change movement. This statement is one of two things. Either he genuinely believes that SUVs are literally causing the deaths of Bangladeshis by increasing the temperature of the planet and increasing the sea level OR this is some sort of morbid eco-joke. If it is a joke it isn’t funny and it doesn’t fit with the context of the statement – he is showing that CO2 doesn’t only affect those who emit it. So it appears he means this statement to be taken as true. Is he right? Read the rest of this entry »


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