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Obama backing off climate change?

Noticed this interesting article on Politico today:

Climate of change on White House site

References to a cap on carbon emissions and a campaign pledge to spend $150 billion on clean energy technologies disappeared from the White House website in June…Deleted items include a section titled “Closing the Carbon Loophole and Cracking Down on Polluters” that offered broad-brush goals for “protecting American consumers” and “promoting U.S. competitiveness.” Also eliminated was President Barack Obama’s oft-repeated campaign call to spend $150 billion over a decade on “energy research and development to transition to a clean energy economy.

Could Obama be backing off of legislative action to combat climate change? The White House denies this, saying they were simply updating information. But polling shows Americans are caring less and less about tackling climate change, especially as the economy seems to get worse. Maybe they will take the hint, finally.

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What will the AR5 look like?

Occasionally I’ll look at the IPCC’s website to see if there is any news worth reading. There nearly always isn’t, but today I noticed quite a bit of material pertaining to the coming AR5. I decided to look into their presentations section to see what they were saying about the new report themselves. Several of these were given at Copenhagen, and I will highlight two of them, only for one slide apiece.

The first was given by Dr. Youba Sokona, Co-Chair of WGIII, on the 8’th of December 2009 in Copenhagen. It’s a fairly standard presentation with slides showing how CO2 mitigation will hardly affect GDP and how great renewable energy will be. It also has an interesting slide labeled “A multitude of policy instruments are available to Governments” pictured below:

I think it is informative that one line is “Voluntary agreements”, which implies that all others are involuntary. I suppose it is not surprising to see the endorsement of government action by an inter-governmental panel, but these recommended actions are far from innocuous and need to be seen as such. Read the rest of this entry »

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