A climate rhyme

03 Mar

Dr. Suess’ birthday has inspired me a create a climate rhyme.

‘The world is hot, the world is hot!’
I tried to tell them ‘no it’s not!’

They didn’t listen to what I’d said
They just kept saying ‘you’ve lost your head’

‘The world is warmer, we know it’s true,’
‘Explain why we should listen to you?’

I told them ‘the science is weak at best’
They responded ‘Oh please, just give it a rest!’

‘A consensus exists, we know you are wrong!’
‘We must act now, we can’t wait for long!’

I said ‘But look, the world has cooled!’
They said ‘Oh no, you’ve just been fooled,’

‘Trust us, please, we wouldn’t lie,’
‘There’s no bias, we’d never try!’

I pointed out ‘Your models aren’t right!’
They said ‘That’s no reason for fright,’

‘Yes, they aren’t perfect, but don’t dismay,’
‘We promise they’ll be better one day’

Then they told me ‘the science is settled’
Statements like that just make me nettled!

I stopped our conversation right then,
Why listen to them again and again?

That’s when they said ‘You’ve denied the science’
‘You and the oil companies have an alliance!’

I realized then I had the upper hand,
This knowledge helped me to make my stand!

I watched their movement fall apart,
Forced to retract chart after chart

Their science in shambles, gone up in smoke,
The public now knows it was all just a joke.


Posted by on March 3, 2010 in Humor



2 responses to “A climate rhyme

  1. Dave Dardinger

    March 5, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    That’s not a Dr. Suess style poem, it’s a Lewis Caroll style poem. In particular it’s similar to the poem Humpty Dumpty recites to Alice in Through the Looking Glass.

  2. ClimateQuoter

    March 5, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Dr. Suess was just my inspiration, it just game me an idea to write a climate rhyme. I didn’t model it off of his rhymes, or anyone else’s, I just wrote what came to mind. However, I did look up the poem you mentioned and I agree, they style is the same. I rather liked it, and I could have used this line verbatim:

    “I told them once, I told them twice:
    They would not listen to advice.”


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