An amazing February at Climate Quotes

28 Feb

This month has been incredible here. Several of my stories have been picked up by bigger bloggers and climate news sites, getting me far more traffic this month than I thought I would get when I started in January. In the month of February, I had just over 60,000 page views, with over 20,000 unique visitors. I’ve had visitors from over 160 different countries.

The best part has been the bigger bloggers and climate news sites that have linked to me.

Marc Morano’s Climate Depot has linked to about a dozen of my articles, which has driven the majority of my traffic.

Climate-Skeptic has linked to me several times.

Anthony Watts’ site Watts up with that? linked to two of my articles.

Andrew Bolt’s column at the HeraldSun covered two of my stories.

Jeff Id’s blog, The Air Vent, also linked to several of my stories.

Tom Nelson’s blog has linked to all of my big stories.

Steve McIntyre’s blog Climate Audit covered my boot article.

James Delingpole’s column in the Telegraph linked to my DEFRA story.

I was linked in an American Thinker article.

Pajama’s Media linked to my Barbara Boxer article.

The Planet Gore section of National Review Online also linked to my Barbara Boxer article.

Also I’ve been linked on IceCap, ClimateChangeFraud, AlGoreLied, HideTheDecline, PiratesCove, TheDevilsKitchen, and dozens of others.

I was tweeted, digged (dug?), posted on delicious, and sent around facebook a bit too.

This is not even close to a comprehensive list, there are 697 incoming links to my site. Incredible.

What else can I say? Thank you for reading!

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