IPCC references at least 29 news articles in AR4

11 Feb


Several news articles have already been pointed out as citations in the IPCC’s AR4, but there are many that haven’t been found. I have found 29, though I am sure there are probably some I missed. This doesn’t include press releases, White House briefings, product catalogs, and other various non-peer-reviewed references (maybe another post), but simply news articles. Some are from UN bodies, like the FAO, but most are magazines or newspapers, including but certainly not limited to the following: Rocky Mountain News, New York Times, The Seattle Times, Better Roads, Business Week, Associated Press, Environment News Service, Climbing News, BTO News (birdwatching), Foreign Affairs, The Economist, and the Asia Times. I’d give you the location of each but that would take forever and I’m sure you are smart enough to find it with Google. Here’s the list:

Marris, E., 2005: First tests show flood waters high in bacteria and lead. News@Nature, 437, 301-301.

Dey, P., 2006: Climate change devastating Latin America frogs. University of Alberta.

Butler, A., 2002: Tourism burned: visits to parks down drastically, even away from flames. Rocky Mountain News. July 15, 2002.

Kesmodel, D., 2002: Low and dry: Drought chokes off Durango rafting business. Rocky Mountain News, 25 June 2002.

Wilgoren, J. and K.R. Roane, 1999: Cold Showers, Rotting Food, the Lights, Then Dancing. New York Times, A1. July 8, 1999.

Welch, C., 2006: Sweeping change reshapes Arctic. The Seattle Times. Jan. 1 2006. [Accessed 12.02.07: 2002714404_arctic01main.html]

Stiger, R.W., 2001: Alaska DOT deals with permafrost
thaws. Better Roads. June, 30-31. [Accessed 12.02.07:

Business Week, 2005: A Second Look at Katrina’s Cost. Business Week.
September 13, 2005. [Accessed 09.02.07:

Associated Press, 2002: Rough year for rafters. September 3, 2002.

Colombia Trade News, 2006: Illegal crops damage Colombia’s environmental resources. Colombian Government Trade Bureau. about/envt_index.asp#top.

FAO, 2004b: La participación de las comunidades en la gestión forestal es decisiva para reducir los incendios (Involving local communities to prevent and control forest fires). FAO Newsroom. /48709/index.html.

FAO, 2005: Cattle ranching is encroaching on forests in Latin America. FAO Newsroom.

Environment News Service, 2002: Hungry Cambodians at the mercy of climate change. Phnom Penh, 26 November 2002. Accessed 16.05.07:

Balint-Kurti, D., 2005: Tin trade fuels Congo War. News24, 07/03/2005.,,2-11-37_1672558,00.html.

FAO, 2004: Locust crisis to hit northwest Africa again: situation deteriorating in the Sahel. FAO News Release, 17 September 2004.

Bowen, N., 2002: Canary in a coalmine. Climbing News, 208, 90-97, 138-139.

Sparks, T.H., H. Heyen, O. Braslavska and E. Lehikoinen, 1999: Are European birds migrating earlier? BTO News, 223, 8.

Benedick, R., 2001: Striking a new deal on climate change. Science and Technology Online, Fall 2001.

Schelling, T.C., 2002: What makes greenhouse sense? Foreign Affairs, May/June COM/ENV/EPOC/IEA/SLT(2005)6 32.

Schelling, T.C., 1997: The cost of combating global warming, facing the tradeoffs. Foreign Affairs, November/December

Cowan, J., E. Eidinow, Laura Likely, 2000: A scenario-planning process for the new millennium. Deeper News, 9(1).

The Economist, 2000: Sins of the secular missionaries. January 29, 2000.

Speth, J.G., 2002: Recycling Environmentalism. Foreign Policy, July/August, pp. 74-76.

Shashank, J., 2004: Energy conservation in the industrial sector: A special report on energy conservation day. New Delhi, Economic Times.

Nippon Steel, 2002: Advanced technology of Nippon Steel contributes to ULSAB-AVC Program. Nippon Steel News, 295, September 2002.

Shorrock, T., 2002: Enron’s Asia misadventure. Asia Times 29 January, accessed 02/07/07.

ISNA, 2004: From wood to coal in an effort to stop deforestation. Inter Services news agency (IPS), Rome, accessed 02/07/07.

IRIN, 2004: Angola: frustration as oil windfall spending neglects the poor. United Nations Integrated Regional Information Networks, accessed 02/07/07.

Nuclear News, 2005: WNA report forecasts three scenarios for nuclear’s growth. Nuclear News, November 2005: pp. 60-62, 69.



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27 responses to “IPCC references at least 29 news articles in AR4

  1. AWatcher

    February 11, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Okay, we’ve had lists of news references

    We’ve had lists of advocate group references – greenpeace and WWF

    Has anybody done any research on references taken from other non-peer-reviewed NGO sources (many of which are advocacy groups too), Institute for Sustainable Development This, or Think Tank for Eco-Policy That? It’s just that I’ve seen some passing mentioning that there might be references in the IPCC reports of this nature.

  2. foolmeonce

    February 12, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    Another climate idiot for your list of personalities:
    Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’: Denying Climate Change ‘Unpatriotic,’ ‘Inappropriate’
    Educator-turned global warming alarmist claims older people struggle with manmade warming theory and cites IPCC Nobel Prize as proof of phenomenon.

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